Zombie Prince 2 (Comic Book)

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  • Creator: Seru and MizuYukiiro
  • Genre: Comedy, Action, Zombies, Fantasy
  • Warnings: Light gore, dubious consent
A mysterious disease plagued the Western Kingdom of Gavanne, turning people into mindless creatures who crave for flesh and blood. Crowned Prince Enzo and his retainer Lukas escaped the chaos to embark on a journey to take back their Kingdom.

Prince Enzo flees the North as a horde of zombies attacks the kingdom from within. Advised by Kael to head South in search of the plague's origin, the group hesitates due to the dangerous nature of the journey. Instead, Prince Enzo chooses to travel East, seeking support from his cousin Crane, now reigning as the King of the East. However, upon arriving at the Eastern Kingdom, Prince Enzo uncovers a sinister secret lurking beneath the surface.
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